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CWC informs dietitians about the joys and health benefits of walnuts

In the beginning of May, the California Walnut Commission booth successfully participated in the large national congress held by the Verband Deutscher Diätassistenten (German Dietitian Association – VDD), attended by 1,400 people. Dietitians are an important target market for the CWC because of their work as nutritional advisors. As experts and multipliers, they pass on their knowledge of healthy nutrition to their patients, in which walnuts play a key role thanks to their beneficial nutritional profile and high level of unsaturated fatty acids.

The visitors had equally great interest in new scientific studies and information about the health benefits of Californian walnuts. Many guests gratefully took various informative and advisory material home with them, which the organisation offers as a free service for dietitians. An exclusively prepared rosemary-walnut snack, a quiz about the studies and nutritional benefits of walnuts, and an especially designed photo wall also drew visitors’ attention, ensuring plenty of interaction and conversations. The resulting photos were published on social media channels and ensured targeted advertisement for walnut blog #knacktastisch.

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