Walnuts are Perfect for the Food Industry

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New summer recipes on the walnut website

What is the epitome of summer and sun? Fruity strawberries and delicious ice cream! Both go perfectly with California walnuts. So, the California Walnut Commission now has enticing new recipes on the walnut website for sweet tarts, cakes, and desserts. They put lusty walnuts with fresh strawberries skilfully in the limelight: strawberries with walnut sponge cake, strawberry and walnut crumble, strawberries filled with walnut mousse, and much more. In addition, savoury ideas such as walnut and strawberry salsa with grilled chicken breast ensure surprising new taste sensations.

Ice-cold delights are presented just as creatively: The wide array ranges from classics such as banana and walnut ice cream to trendy ice lollies and ice cream with blackberries and pepper.

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