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Wanted: The Crunchtastic Walnut Chocolate Candy 2018

After two successful competitions in 2016 and 2017, this year confectionery manufacturers and chocolate makers once again demonstrated their expertise. Who was the best at creating delicious compositions with these premium nuts? Who would conjure up a visual and sensory innovation that would leave all of the competitors behind? In other words, who would take home the 2018 Crunchtastic Walnut Chocolate Candy award with their creation of California walnuts and other exquisite ingredients?

In previous years, the event coordinators from CWC enjoyed a dynamic response and many delicious submissions. The winners successfully blended California walnuts with exotic spices such as saffron and curry, virgin olive oil and elegant fleur de sel. A wide variety of fruity variations featuring all kinds of combinations of raspberries and chocolate were featured as well. The names of the winners on the victory podium were every bit as imaginative, such as "Krawallo", “Golden treasure" and "California kiss".

Once again this year, the interdisciplinary jury consisting of food technologists, product developers, chocolate sommeliers, food bloggers and journalists look forward to choosing the most appealing of this year’s candy creations. The winners can look forward not only to the esteem and acknowledgement that comes with their victory; there are also magnificent prizes and cash awards.

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