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Quality Control System

The walnut kernels are only packed into retail packaging and cartons after their quality has been manually checked by experienced inspectors. The objective is to achieve a final product that is absolutely clean and dry and in the color that applies with the standard values of the official color scale. Microbiological and chemical investigations of the kernels in laboratories, based on random samples, ensure compliance with the highest quality standards.

To guarantee the safety of the walnuts, California's walnut industry complies with the "Good Agricultural and Manufacturing Practices" stipulated by the USDA. For products that are exported, export controls and classifications of the Department of Foreign Affairs ensure that the walnuts comply with quality standards.

All Californian walnuts must meet or exceed the standards set by the Dried Fruit and Tree Nut Association of California (DFA). The association continually monitors the quality of the products. The California Walnut Commission (CWC) supports producers and processing companies by ensuring that the highest quality standards are observed.

When the products arrive in Germany they are checked once again. Through targeted sampling and analyses the official food monitoring provides consumer protection and food safety. Great value is placed on the controls carried out by the importers, traders and processing industry. They are not only carried out to fulfill their statutory duty to take care but also serve their own interests.

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