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EU Marketing Standard

Since September 1, 2001 the Commission Regulation (EC) No. 175/2001 laying down the market size for walnuts in shell applies. This only applies to walnuts intended for the final consumer but not to walnuts for industrial processing.

The EU standard defines minimum characteristics, which nuts in the shell must fulfill in order to be imported. In addition to the state of the shell or the kernel or general requirements, such as ripeness and condition, the moisture content is also determined. For dried walnuts the moisture content of the whole nut must be a maximum of 12 % and the moisture content of the kernel must be a maximum of 8 %.

The standard also stipulates categorization in three classes: Extra, I and II. In all classes a maximum of 10 %, by number or weight, of walnuts in shell may fail to have the specified size.

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