Menu Ideas for Food Professionals

This recipe collection truly includes something for everyone.

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Menu Suggestions


  • Add chopped walnuts to pancake or waffle mix.
  • Mix together walnuts, raisins, rolled oats and bran for easy granola.
Maple candied Walnuts


  • Serve spiced walnuts as bar snacks.
  • Purée walnuts with garbanzo beans for a healthy hummus dip.


  • Add toasted walnuts to stirfry or sautéed vegetables for added crunch, flavor and nutrients.
  • Mix ground walnuts and bread
    crumbs to encrust salmon fillets,
    chicken breasts or pork chops.


  • Add finely chopped walnuts to sauces for texture and taste.
Walnut and caramelized onion Pizza


  • Prepare whole wheat pizza crust with ground walnuts.
  • Use walnuts, apple pieces and brie cheese to top pizza.


  • Mix chopped walnuts with crab and mango for sushi roll filling.
  • Add chopped walnuts to your favorite dumpling filling.
California Walnut Encrusted Lamb


  • Add chopped walnuts to your house salad for a signature taste that adds a healthy crunch.
  • Candied walnut “croutons” can be used in virtually any salad.


  • Add chopped walnuts into sandwich or wrap fillings.
  • Include walnuts in heart healthy trail mixes.


  • Use toasted walnut halves as a garnish on desserts.
  • Ground walnuts can be added to pie or cheesecake crumbcrusts.
California Walnut and cheese Platter


  • Add walnuts to cheese platters. They are the perfect complement to both mild andaged cheeses.

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