CWC at World Fitness Day — fit with walnuts

In July, numerous visitors at the World Fitness Day came by the California Walnut Commission booth, where they had the chance to learn more first-hand about the health benefits and great flavor of California walnuts. The popular two-day event drew over 30,000 visitors this year.

Walnuts are a top-quality "nutrient bomb" and an excellent everyday ingredient especially for fitness-conscious consumers, which is why CWC invited visitors to their food truck and a relaxation lounge to sample some delicious little tidbits – and the event was a huge success. The many walnut fans who came not only had a chance to sample snacks such as Maya walnuts and energy balls; they also took home goodie bags and giveaways.

One of the highlights was the walnut mascot. The oversized walnut was all over the venue and shared the CWC hashtag #GetFitGoWALNUTS in honor of World Fitness Day. As an eye-catching attraction, the mascot was widely photographed and made its way into countless social media profiles.