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Consumer behavior – Walnut preferences in Europe

GERMANY: Bring on the healthy snacks

Walnuts enjoy great popularity in Germany. The sun-kissed Californian nuts are consumed all year round. The demand is constantly growing. The latest consumer study   suggests several reasons for this development: next to their mild taste and versatility, health benefits contribute to California walnut’s great reputation.

Ready, set, snack!

Products containing walnuts experience a growing interest. On average, Germans decided 4.7 times/ year to buy a walnut product. Last year, this figure amounted to 4.5. Consistent with to the emerging snacking trends the most popular items are trail mixes (47 %). These are followed by ice cream (44 %), muesli (44 %) and bread (42 %).

Walnuts – Special crunch for daily cooking

Altogether, six of ten people in Germany bought walnuts in the past twelve months.

58 % consider walnuts as an essential ingredient in baking while 48 % prefer to just snack walnuts. 38 % like combining California walnuts with fruit. 42 % prepare fruit and cheese platters with walnuts. About one fifth of consumers refine their daily meals with these crunchy delicacies. In-shell walnuts remain a holiday favorite of German consumers.

Walnuts – For your health

76 % of consumers attribute walnuts as healthy with a growing awareness of specific benefits including heart health (74 %), source of omega-3’s (60 %) and good for cognitive function (40 %).

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1California Walnut Promotional Activity, Evaluation Study – Germany 2014, rose research (19.12.2014)

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