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Consumer behavior – Walnut preferences in Europe

SPAIN: Health-conscious indulgence

Walnuts are part of the traditional Mediterranean diet. Therefore Spain continues to be an important market for California walnuts, as purchase frequency for shelled (4.6 times/year), in-shell (4.2 times/year) and products containing walnuts (4.9 times/year) are all strong – with the latter two achieving all-time highs for this measure.

Products containing walnuts also remain popular: favourite items in Spain are snack mixes (47%), cakes (45%), ice cream (44%), muesli/cereal (44%) and bread (42%).

Walnuts – Tasteful healthcare for daily cooking

Consumers mainly consider that walnuts have good nutritional properties and are beneficial for health (93% of respondents), are ideal as a snack (shelled – 64 % and in-shell – 58 %) and convenient for every day cooking (42%). In fact, more shoppers than ever before indicated that walnuts are a “very valuable” part of a healthy lifestyle (2014 – 85 % vs. 2013 – 84 % and 2012 – 68 %).

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