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Consumer behavior – Walnut preferences in Europe

TURKEY: Strength of tradition

First and foremost, walnuts enjoy a strong traditional presence in Turkey – used in desserts like Baklava, cookies/cakes, etc., while sales of bread containing walnuts are also robust.

Walnuts – Well-tried and popular

Altogether, seven of ten Turkish people bought walnuts in the past twelve months. On average, five times they chose in-shell walnuts and more than five times walnut kernels.

The most popular walnut products consumers buy are cookies or cakes (71 %) and baklava (70 %), followed by desserts (60 %), bread (53 %) and further bakery items (49 %).

Walnuts – Daily cooking for your health

Walnuts are considered to be a good ingredient to use with everyday foods by virtually all of the shoppers. They are used “in cereals” (30 %), “as an ingredient in everyday meals” (20 %), “with vegetables and salads” (20 %) and “in meat dishes” (7 %).

In addition, 92 % are aware of their health benefits and consider them as providing more health benefits than other nuts (80 %).

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