Mr. Nutcracker was rocking the Advent calender & walnut fans give him name!

Mr. Nutcracker from the TV spot was the star of the extremely successful Christmas calendar in December, which was displayed on the website and on social media.

Mr. Nutcracker presented all 24 doors of the Christmas calendar. Behind every door there was a little surprise like an inspiring recipe, a Christmas song or even a small prize to win. This way Mr. Nutcracker and the calendar reminded and encouraged fans and subscribers to remember and buy California walnuts.

To include the walnut fans and subscribers, they were given the chance to submit name ideas for our Mr. Nutcracker. His name will be revealed soon. 

Thanks to the many multi-channel campaigns, our Mr. Nutcracker is already a minor star. The recognition value will be priceless once the TV spot is going to air in February!

Do you want to get to know our Nutcracker? You can find him on all our channels: