Digital Masterclasses with Heiko Antoniewicz

The use of California walnuts is also actively promoted in the catering and food industry. Therefore, the California Walnut Commission is taking part in the Digital Rolling Pin Convention – the world’s 1st Digital Inspiration Conference for Hospitality Heroes. The digital masterclasses of trendsetter and initiator Heiko Antoniewicz offer participants inspiration for ingenious recipes using California walnuts.

The virtual convention started on September 30 with around 20,000 visitors and will run until the end of the year. In the Rolling Pin App, the California Walnut Commission has a virtual booth where visitors can find all the information about California walnuts and the California Walnut Commission. 

However, the highlights of the Rolling Pin Convention are the virtual masterclasses. In cooperation with Rolling Pin, the California Walnut Commission has produced five videos with culinary trendsetter and inventor Heiko Antoniewicz. The well-known German chef and cookbook author shows how walnuts can be used as a plant-forward meat substitute as well as how they add a new dimension of flavor and texture to meat dishes.

#1 Pie with Walnuts and Pumpkin (vegetarian)

Have you become curious? You can find the respective recipes and videos here:

#2 Walnut Rocket Crust – for example for Roast Beef

#3 Lasagna with Walnuts à la Chorizo (vegan)

#4 Walnut Burger with Sweet Potato Ketchup (vegetarian)

#5 Walnut Avocado Taco with Bell Pepper (vegetarian)