Product innovations with California walnuts

Growing interest in a plant-based diet has led to a rapid increase of plant-based products. It is a fast-growing market with very high potential.

Consumers appreciate taste, texture, nutritional value and quality. California walnuts make plant-based recipes stand out from conventional products. The mild flavor and soft texture allow for versatile applications. In addition, walnuts are a natural, wholesome and nutrient-rich ingredient that consumers are familiar with. They are perfect as a main ingredient and base for plant-based innovations.

In cooperation with food technologists, four prototypes were developed - two meat and two cheese alternatives.

Walnut-Paté, Sliceables, Spreadable and Burger Patties

Plant-based applications with California walnuts

Meat alternatives with crunch

Their soft, meaty texture makes California walnuts an excellent ingredient for meat alternatives. They offer potential for industrially produced sausage alternatives such as pate or chorizo and as a ground meat in burger patties, Bolognese, meatballs and Chili sin Carne.

Walnut Paté
Walnut paté
Walnut Burger Patties
Walnut burger patties

Mild nutty dairy alternatives

Plant-based alternatives to dairy have long been more than just milk alternatives. Walnuts provide texture and creamy consistency needed for nut-based plant drinks, chilled or frozen dairy-free desserts as well as cream and hard cheese alternatives.

Walnut Spreadable
Plant-based cream cheese alternative
Walnut Sliceables
Plant-based hard cheese alternative

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