Walnut Caramel Tart Filling



29.74 % California walnut halves
19.74 % sugar
15.59 % heavy cream
15 % water
13.03 % butter
6.91 % honey

Application: Baked goods and confections


Cook the sugar and water at 145 °C until it reaches the hard crack stage.

Add the honey, butter and heavy cream one by one to the caramel mixture.

Put the entire blend back on the stove until it reaches 125-130 °C and thickens slightly.

Pour final mixture onto walnut halves and stir until well coated.

Store refrigerated in closed container.

Gently reheat in a microwave or stove top to bring it back to a flowable state.

Fill tart shells with warm viscous product Manufacturer can use their own tart shell for this application.

Walnut mixture can be manufactured and shipped to food service operations as a tart filling.