Walnut, Pear and Blue Cheese Dressing



26 % water
26 % canola oil
16 % walnut meal
15 % pear juice concentrate
7 % blue cheese (diced)
3 % egg yolk (10% salted)
3 % vinegar (120 grain)
1 % lemon juice concentrate
1 % salt
0.38 % sugar
0.36 % mustard flour
0.27 % modified starch
0.25 % onion powder
0.22 % lactic acid
0.19 % worcestershire sauce concentrate
0.17 % xanthan gum
0.12 % citric acid
0.05 % sodium benzoate
0.05 % potassium sorbate
0.04 % soy lecithin
0.003 % EDTA

Application: Dairy, Sauce and spread thickeners


Add water, preservatives (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate), soy lecithin, EDTA, and egg yolk to high sheer mixer* and blend until dissolved.

Add all other ingredients (walnut meal, pear juice, mustard flour etc.) except canola oil and blue cheese chunks to the tank while mixing on high sheer.

Blend starch and xanthan gum in portion of oil and mix thoroughly. Add this mixture to the tank while mixing.

While high sheer mixer is on high, slowly incorporate the oil into the batch, allowing for the emulsion to form as the water blends with the oil.

Once emulsified, reduce the speed on the mixer to low and gently fold in the blue cheese chunks. Allow to continue mixing until pieces are mixed throughout and then turn off mixer.

Refrigerated shelf life is 6 months

*If high sheer mixer is unavailable, product can be run through a colloid mill without the blue cheese chunks and walnut meal. Add these components at the end.