Pie with Walnuts and Pumpkin



For the Pie
32 % butternut pumpkin (cooked with skin at 160 °C for 50 minutes)
14 % butternut pumpkin (raw, finely cubed)
10 % blue cheese
1 % fresh ginger (micro planed)
0.5 % mace (shredded)
0.5 % sea salt
8 % maple syrup (dark)
20 % eggs
14 % cream
For the Pie Crust
6 sheets of phyllo dough
100 g walnut cream: 50 % California walnuts, 50 % milk, salt, sugar


Recipe developed by Heiko Antoniewicz for the California Walnut Commission 2020.

The pie mixture can be offered chilled or frozen. Additionally, the ready-made pie is ideal as chilled or refrigerated convenience product.


Pie Crust

Brush the walnut cream onto the phyllo dough layer by layer until 5 layers have been formed. Then line a 20 cm pie dish with the moistened phyllo dough and fold the sides over. The crust is now ready.
Pie Mixture

Add all ingredients, except for the pumpkin cubes, to a blender and blend into a smooth mixture. Fold in the cubes, fill into a smooth mixture. Fold in the cubes, fill into the prepared crust and bake for approx. 22 minutes at 180 °C. Allow to cool before slicing.