California Walnuts

Taste the difference California walnuts make.

Walnut Info

Walnuts are one of the oldest cultivated crops. In the ancient world the nutritious nuts were already treasured, to be eaten as a food, pressed into vegetable oil or used as a medicinal remedy. Greeks and Romans once spread their cultivation throughout Europe. Later it was the large merchant ships that brought walnuts to all the corners of the world, including California.

Today this state on the West coast of the United States is one of the world's biggest producers of walnuts. Thanks to high production and processing standards, they are renowned throughout the world for their excellent taste and appearance.

California Walnuts are harvested at their peak, then carefully sorted, cleaned and dried. To ensure they maintain optimal freshness, they are stored in-shell under controlled temperatures, shipped upon demand and cracked only when required for the shelled market.

California Walnuts are packed with good nutrition. In addition to holding cholesterol-lowering properties, they contain other heart-healthy components such as vitamin E and dietary fiber. California Walnuts’ crisp textures also make them the perfect complement to a wide variety of dishes, from fresh summer salads to sumptuous desserts.

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