California Walnuts for your Needs

Packaging & Storage
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Walnut kernels are available in 11,34 kg boxes (25 pounds) in poly-lined bags, vacuum-sealed or without vacuum. Vacuum-sealed bags are also offered in aluminum. In-shell walnuts are available in 25 kg polyester-woven bags. For small dealers, suppliers also offer 10 kg bags (22 pounds), 9,07 kg bags (20 pounds) or 5 kg bags (11 pounds). All bags are non-transparent to easily detect damages.


Follow these tips to maintain the high quality, freshness, flavor and nutritional value of California walnuts:

  • Store in air-tight packaging

  • Store away from foods with strong odors, like cabbage and onions.

  • Rotate inventory. Practice FIFO – First In, First Out.

  • For storage up to six months:  refrigerate at 0 °C to 5 °C at 65 % relative humidity.

  • For storage longer than six months: freeze at -18 °C.