IN TREND: Walnut snacks are gaining increasing popularity in Germany

Attention to all snack manufacturers: More than 80 % of consumers would like to be able to purchase California walnuts as convenience snack product. Whether sweet, savory or spicy – walnut snacks “to go” are missed on the supermarket shelf. This is what a survey with around 2,000 consumers on revealed.

For the purpose of the survey participants were asked for their favorite walnut seasoning. Specifically, it involved the question of which flavors their walnut snacks should have and if they would prefer to prepare or to purchase them.    

Front runners were cinnamon & sugar, curry, chili/ cayenne and chocolate – flavors that already have great success internationally.

Therefore, the result of the survey clearly shows: over 80 % of consumers would like to purchase already seasoned snacks in their local supermarket. This indicates a great market potential for snack innovations with California walnuts, which has not yet been exploited. 

For inspiration on the versatile options for sweet, savory, spicy and fiery walnut snacks, please click here.

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