Virtual journey to California walnut harvest: brand-new video launched

Get exclusive insights into the harvest on family-owned walnut orchards in California between September and early November. Growing, harvesting, and processing are done with the utmost care and under strict quality guidelines. Learn more and watch our brand-new harvest video.

First the orchard floor is swept clean. Then special mechanical shakers rattle the walnuts off the trees and mechanical harvesters pick them up. After that, the walnuts are cleaned, husked from their green outer shells, and mechanically dehydrated to the optimum 8% moisture level. This protects the walnuts from deterioration, preserves their quality and enhances storability. The walnuts are then separated into two distinctive types: in-shell walnuts and those destined to be mechanically shelled, graded and sorted by color as walnut kernels. Finally, they are inspected to the highest quality standard and are then ready for packing.

Do you like to find out more about the California walnut harvest? Watch our brand-new harvest video here.