Also, the baking industry was in line with the “Power of 3” campaign month, when the series of three W³ Wildbakers walnut workshop began at the Academies of German Baking Crafts in Dresden, Berlin, and Weinheim.

The seminars are effective in helping increase demand for high quality walnuts as an ingredient in the baking trade. All seminar participants indicated that they were likely (52%) or very likely (48%) to use California walnuts more often in their bakeries after the workshop, paying attention to origin as a quality attribute.

During the half-day workshops with over 70 bakery professionals, the Wildbakers prominently featured the power nut and explained the versatility and benefits of California walnuts. The theoretical part provided a broad range of expertise on walnuts: From facts about taste, texture, size, and nutritional value, to possible applications in bakeries, to consumer trends such as plant-based nutrition and clean-label trends. In the practical part, seven different walnut recipes were jointly prepared - including the three-grain bread that the Wildbakers once developed as part of the Power of 3 campaign.

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