Great results with walnuts

A product's origin often reveals a great deal about its quality, and California walnuts are trail-blazers when it comes to flavor and food standards. This fact is increasingly recognized and appreciated by consumers all over. By providing extensive information and supporting campaigns, the California Walnut Commission promotes industry and retail in their efforts. As part of our promotional program, we offer targeted support for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands when it comes to successful developing and marketing projects:

  • Expertise: In-depth information about the product, quality and benefits for consumers
  • Logo support: Free use of the California Walnut logo as a quality seal for consumers
  • Market research: Current facts and figures about European consumer patterns
  • Product samples: Provision of samples for product development and sensory profile tests
  • Product development: Development support by experienced experts
  • Marketing and PR: Promoting new products via advertising and PR work
  • Retail network: Networking with relevant retail contacts

Are you also interested in working with the CWC? Then get in touch with us — we are always looking forward to exciting new projects! You can reach us via email at or by calling [+49](0)228 - 94 37 87 - 37 870.