California walnuts get around: a national advertising campaign on shopping carts

Customers tend to spend approximately 45-60 minutes in larger well-stocked supermarkets. An owner-operated supermarket of average size has around 120,000 customers a month, and some 80,000 of them use a shopping cart, which makes these trolleys the perfect place to generate buzz about California walnuts. And that is exactly what will happen in 19 supermarkets around the country starting in October. An adboard with the appropriate images and an effective headline will be positioned on the inside and outside of a total of 880 carts, reminding customers to pick up some walnuts for snacks or for baking. The range of participating supermarkets is large: from Edeka and Rewe all the way to real and Metro. The focus will be on major cities such as Munich, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf as well as other regions throughout the country where sales are strong. An average of 20% of carts per supermarket will feature the advertising. The current plan is to change to a different motif in the new year because of a new international campaign; more information will be available in our upcoming issue.

If you would like to learn whether there is a participating supermarket near you, please drop us a line: we’d be happy to provide more information. And if you come across one of our shopping carts, we’d be delighted to see a picture of it: please contact us at