Clever cooking: the way to make the evening perfect

The way to make the evening perfect.
Making food from scratch has become very popular in Germany: 40% of the country spends time in the kitchen every day to prepare themselves a meal, and another good 37% do so two to three times a week. Only 6% would like to cut back on the effort of preparing their own food. Germans tend to place emphasis on dinner as the main meal for families to eat together, and as a matter of fact, traditional suppers are often open-faced sandwiches commonly referred to as “Abendbrot” -- literally “evening bread.” And bread and walnuts are the perfect pairing with textures and flavors that complement each other beautifully, which is why a new ad campaign recently highlighted California walnuts as part of dinner. Consumers could send in their favorite recipe for a fast healthy dinner, and the top 15 submissions will be turned into a cookbook. And it was worth sending in a recipe, because everyone who writes in could enter a drawing for a so called “Frankfurter Brett” – a multifunctional premium cutting board.

The campaign took place in September mostly in digital channels. Extensive online promotion were part of the campaign, such as ads at EatSmarter. We were also on Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram as well as integrating recipes at Bring, the shopping-list app. In the December edition of our newsletter we will present the outcome of the campaign. Stay tuned!